Why Choose Xander Financial?

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Xander Financial cares about you and your families’ financial well-being and we are growing with you at every aspect of your life. We don’t only focus on the clients who have $25k+ of cash lying around in their bank accounts with nothing to do with it like your typical wealth advisor.

We take the time out to educate you on how to become financially independent, regardless of which phase they are in within their financial journey

Our services are for the beginner; the one who is looking to improve their credit because of the mistakes they’ve made along the way to figuring out what life is about. These mistakes are preventing you from getting the home of your dreams. A home where your family can have peace of mind. Something they can call their own. Something for you and your spouse to grow old and raise grandchildren within. Other Financial Consultants don’t care about your credit score. Some Financial Advisors won’t even spend the time to talk to you because you don’t have cash that’s ready to invest, let alone help you to improve your credit score.

What about you; the intermediate, the one who has reached the milestone of getting into that brand new home that you can call your own. You and your spouse worked hard for it. It took determination and sacrifice on both parties to achieve your goal. What are you doing to protect it if one of you die unexpectedly? GoFundMe? Dinner Sales?

We educate you on how to protect your home with our Mortgage Protection Insurance Products. It not only covers the cost of the home if you or your spouse dies prematurely, but it also covers most of the mortgage if you’re diagnosed with a life threatening illness. We can ensure your home is protected with these products.

And for our favorites!!! The baby boomers. You’re only as old as you feel. You have worked all of your life and now you have a cushion to retire with. You are preparing for retirement and you want to invest your money with a personal financial advisor. While preparing for retirement planning, you will be told that we can invest your money, but there is a small chance that you CAN STILL LOSE SOME MONEY!!! Who wants to hear that when this is all they have left to live on. How much can you afford to lose while allowing another financial advisor to play with all you have left. Are you willing to hear about another “Market Correction” story?

We can ensure that your money continues to grow in accounts that are linked to the market, and GUARANTEE that you will never lose another dime while taking advantage of market growth… It may sound impossible, but our professionals can show you how!!

Not only that. We know you don’t want to be a burden on your loved ones. We can provide you with final expense products that allow you to pay for your own burial expenses so you can maintain your independence in your older ages.

Our mission is to be a one-stop shop for all of your Financial Service needs. We are here from the first time you get your credit card, to the first time your oldest grandchild changes YOUR diaper. And it doesn’t matter how much cash you have in the bank to get started with us

We are at your service…