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We Leverage the Laws that are on your side to Improve your Credit Score!!!

We have gone thru many certifications to help you get you cleaned up. Let us show you the plan on cleaning your credit repair.

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Once we have gained a clear understanding of the inaccuracies, unverifiable, or obsolete accounts, we go to bat for our clients in cleaning up those erroneous negative files. This can take several rounds (months) to complete, usually 6-12, before we know for sure that we have reached the limit in our dispute efforts. We like to be completely honest with our clients in understanding that the dispute process, although effective, doesn't usually remove or resolve 100% of the negative items on file. First things first is to identify whether or not our clients can be assisted with the credit process. We have no problem letter our clients know that we are not a good fit for their expectations.


We help our clients establish:

We help our clients establish new accounts (tradelines) from some of our trusted partners that fill the void their credit profiles are missing.

Credit cards

We help clients shop and establish a credit card account on their reports

Savings Account

Clients can use out internal Debt Savings Account to accumulate funds for settlements

Pay Per Delete Payment Option for credit Restoration:

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