Credit Repair

We Leverage the Laws that are on your side to Improve your Credit Score!!!

We have gone thru many certifications to help you get you cleaned up. Let us show you the plan on cleaning your credit repair.

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The Process

  • We conduct a free consultation to educate you on the fundamentals of credit, and provie general information on key terms to help you navigate through your report
  • We provide Credit Analysis where you will be provided with action items such as obtaining positive credit, creating a budget plan, and handling derogatory items (via settlement or challenge) for you to help along with the repair process.
  • We use consumer laws that are to protect you and ensure your credit reports are being accurately reported to creditors. We attempt to remove all errors, misrepresentations, outdated or unverified negative items on our clients’ credit reports
  • We Follow Up periodically to gauge the receipt of any correspondences received by collection agencies and creditors.
  • You can track the progress of your report using your personalized secure web account.
  • We guide to our partners that will be sure to guide you along the process to achieving your loan approval.
  • We offer credit monitoring services that are there to ensure no other negative items appears on your file during the approval process..

All of our Consultants are Board Certified Credit Consultants!

Pay Per Delete Payment Option for credit Restoration:

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