Capital Funding


Xander Financial has partnered with Rapid Finance to provide business borrowers with a transparent funding platform. We provide informational resources to ensure that borrowers fully understand their options, and deal with borrowers and referrers with the highest standards of business ethics.

Whether you or your client need capital for expansion, production, day-to-day operations or even debt restructuring, we can help.

Rapid Finance is a financial services marketplace specializing in helping businesses find the capital they need with the best possible terms. From education to application, our certified Credit Consultants will guide you through the financing process to ensure that you get the funding you need as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our Products

Business Line of Credit

A flexible credit line, usually with a bank or other financial institution, which can be used for any purpose up to the maximum loan balance. Not to be confused with business credit cards, business lines of credit often have lower interest rates, fewer fees, and more flexible payment options.

• Cover business expenses while awaiting payment for products or services rendered
• Purchase of inventory prior to an anticipated busy season
•Quick cash for emergencies in any business

Bridge Loan

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that helps bridge the gap between a business’s current need for financing while they wait for a more long-term solution to be secured. This is ideal for businesses who need to leverage funding to buy real estate, expand operations, or manage cash flow, among other reasons.

Important Information:
• Loans start from $5,001 to $1 Million
• Automatic Daily/Weekly/Monthly Payments
• Loan terms start at 3 months and range up to 5 years

Pre-Qualifications for Funding


Minimum Financing



Max Financing


Small Business Loan

Small business loans offer businesses a lump sum of working capital upfront to help meet their unique business needs. Rapid Finance loans can help with an expansion, gaps in cash flow, opening a new location, purchasing equipment, and so much more! We pride ourselves on fast and simple loans, so business owners can focus on what matters most: growing their business.

Important Information:
• Funds starting at $5,001 and ranging up to $1 million
• Terms range from three months up to sixty months
• Funds can be deposited into your business bank account within hours of approval

Invoice Financing

A loan against (Asset Based Loan) or purchase of (Invoice Factoring) accounts receivables. Invoice financing allows you to access quick cash against current unpaid invoices.

• Immediate capital for purchase of new equipment to meet expansion demands
• Taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase inventory at a temporary discount
• Paying current bills while awaiting payment from your customers

Merchant Cash Advance

Technically not a loan, but an advance on future credit or debit card sales. The lender often forms a partnership with credit card companies and collects a percentage of each sale. Payments are a percentage of each sale so repayment is not a burden when business is slow.

• Purchase of stock for a retail operation
• Quick expansion of capital
• Taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase inventory at a temporary discount.

SBA Loan

A collection of long term, low interest loans for the purchase of fixed assets such as real estate, equipment or machinery, expansion capital, funding the purchase of another business, disaster recovery or even, in some cases, refinancing other debts. SBA Loans are partially guaranteed by the government and therefore more attractive to lenders.

• Kitchen equipment for a restaurant
• Computers and printers for an office building
• Building a new office space for an expanding company


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