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What Sets Xander Financial Apart from the Competitors.

Xander Financial was founded in 2016 as a Credit Consulting Firm. our goal is to bring a different, holistic approach to the credit consulting. All of our consultants are Board Certified Credit Consultants. We also partner with different attorney firms to help clients beyond the traditional repair process.
Many competing firms only focus on sending disputes letters until our clients get tired of paying for dispute letters to be sent out. Our approach to credit improvement services is to focus on the best ways to resolve a client's credit concerns, given the resources that are available to both the clients, and within Xander Financial.
We help clients resolve their credit concerns with disputes, negotiating settlements, helping them to build their credit, and providing guidance on credit decisions they plan to make in the future. We believe in educating our clients first, so they become independent after services have completed.
We are constantly working toward improving our processes for our clients, understanding that each case is different, and providing the best strategy that will yield a maximum, sustained level of success.

More and more clients are putting their trust in Xander Financial year over year. We strive for excellence and stop at nothing to achieve the standard our clients expect from us.

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